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New New Blog Friday, 1st March 2013

I haven't updated this site in a while – partly because the PHP I wrote wasn't as convenient as I'd hoped. So, I've given up trying to maintain my own site, and started a blog on wordpress.com.

I'll leave this site up for posterity (it's about the only place I can legally self-host my academic papers anyway), but new content will go to either my wordpress blog, or to TrustIV's new blog.

I might also update some of the content of my old blog and move it across – if I still agree with the things I wrote 2 years ago.

Big News, and Big Changes Wednesday, 27th October 2010

There's been a lot of change lately, both in my life, and on this site.

Firstly, I've left mathematics. Pursuing a career in mathematics any further would have meant some very difficult life changes, so I decided to look elsewhere. I've started a job at TrustIV, a small performance testing consultancy – actually, I started a couple of months ago, but I haven't had much chance to update the site.

To document my experiences in the world of performance testing, I've started a blog.

Finally, on a loosely related note, part of the reason I'd held off updating the site is that the flat XHTML had become unmaintainable. To make it a little easier to keep the website up to date, I've written some simple PHP to help me manage content.

IWOTA 2010 Tuesday, 20th July 2010

I gave a talk at IWOTA 2010, in Berlin. The talk was entitled "Examples and Applications of Test Functions". You can read it here.

LaTeX Packages Thursday, 3rd June 2010

In the course of my PhD, I've had to write a couple of custom LaTeX style files. Most recently, I wrote a custom style file that makes it easy to add a (properly formatted, university spec) title page to theses written in amsbook. Previously I also made some modifications to my favourite Beamer theme, to allow colour changes midway through a presentation.

These style files were buried in the source code for various documents, but I decided to package them up and release them on their own.

Find them here.

India Sunday, 2nd May 2010

I'm finally back from India (no thanks to the volcano), and I've added a couple of bits and pieces from the trip.

Firstly, all the presentations I gave are now available on the relevant page.

Secondly, as promised, the pictures are up. I've reduced them to about 2 megapixel (this should be enough to view onscreen, or on a HDTV, or to print 6x4; my web host charges by the megabyte). Please email me if you would like the original 12 Megapixel versions of any of the photos.

Thesis Submitted Wednesday, 24th March 2010

I've finally got my thesis submitted to the bureaucrats, so this seems like a good time to put it online. It's basically my two previous papers stuck together, so if you're already familiar with these, there's no reason to read my thesis. I'm porting any relevant corrections (referee's comments, examiner's corrections) between documents, so there shouldn't be any more mistakes in the "older" documents.

However, there are some differences. There's some extra discussion in the thesis, particularly of background, and potential future research directions, a few of the proofs are more detailed, and the thesis is more self-contained, so the thesis may be a better place to start for some (particularly if you're new to the field).

As always, examiners comments (as well as referees comments, as they come in) will be retroactively applied to the version of the thesis found here, so the version on here is always the most up to date version. Find the thesis here.

Young Functional Analysts' Workshop 2010 Friday, 20th November 2009

From the 11th to the 13th of January 2010, Newcastle will be hosting a workshop on functional analysis for PhD students and postdocs. This is the follow-up to last year's Analytic Function Spaces Mini-meeting. For more details, see here.

Presentation at IWOTA 2009 Sunday, 20th September 2009

I'm scheduled to give a talk at IWOTA 2009 on the 22nd of September, in sunny Guanajuato, Mexico. I'll be talking about Test Function Realisations and Agler-Herglotz Representations. You can read my talk here.

Jaunty Themes Thursday, 23rd April 2009

Ubuntu Jaunty includes Murrine 0.90, which has fabulous new features. I've modified MurrinaCleaner to use some of these, so it looks slightly more polished than it did. MurrinaClean and MurrinaSharp are unaffected, and will continue to work on legacy versions of Murrine. Find it here.

New Paper Thursday, 6th November 2008

I'm working on a new paper, on test functions in constrained interpolation. At the moment, it's not even ArXiv quality, but it's still potentially useful, and it'll be updated as and when I get chance. Find it here.

Murrina Clean Updated Saturday, 19th August 2008

I've released a new version of MurrinaClean, called MurrinaCleaner, which is designed to use some of the new features in the forthcoming version of Murrine – which will be included in ubuntu intrepid. Find it here.

Grand Opening Sunday, 22nd June 2008

Welcome to my new website. For those of you who don't know me, my name's James Pickering, and I'm a PhD student in pure mathematics. Over the coming months and years, I'll be using this website to host material related to my research – papers, preprints, presentations etc. – as well as other stuff, such as useful computery bits; basically anything that doesn't really belong on Facebook.

Please, make yourself at home,

This site was created with KompoZer and Screem. Contact me at motu@jamespic.me.uk. Unless otherwise stated, all material on this website is released into the public domain.

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